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Notice the feedback button on the side of the page? That’s Usabilla. It’s one of the cool ways we help companies get feedback from their users. They then use those insights to improve and optimize their websites, apps or emails. Big brands like Philips, CNN, Tommy Hilfiger & KLM are already doing it. Check out usabilla.com to find out more.

We’re growing fast. The team at our Amsterdam main office has doubled the last years and is getting bigger every week — not to mention our offices in NYC, Berlin and new offices London, Padua and Sydney! Usabilla is now officially part of SurveyMonkey, a San Mateo-based global survey software company. It’s an exciting journey that we are now embarking on together, with a combined troop of over 1,000 employees worldwide

Joining Usabilla gives you the opportunity to work with a fun, international and ambitious bunch. We're as passionate about creating cool stuff for our products as we are about Friday beers and pool tournaments. Want to be part of it? Check out our vacancies below.

A great place to work

Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes


  • Authentically, I would call Usabilla my home away from home. Everyone working here is genuine and so passionate about what they do. It’s contagious.

    Headshot of Meghan
    Meghan Horvath
    Content Writer
  • Smiling people in the morning, a positive attitude towards change and the continuous focus on the solution, not the problem.

    Headshot of Richard
    Richard Prochazka
    Head of Business Development Germany
  • Usabilla makes it all possible. Creativity is encouraged and you have the freedom to take initiative. I love my job because it is not a job to me. I thoroughly enjoy coming in every day and making sure our customers reach their goals with Usabilla.

    Headshot of Jacky
    Jacky van Selm
    Head of Customer Success
  • Usabilla is a company that values the ideas of all of its employees. Regardless of your role, everyone is rewarded for having an entrepreneurial mindset. If you have a vision for improving your own role, the jobs of your colleagues, or the company as a whole, Usabilla is happy to provide you with the resources for success.

    Headshot of Zac
    Zac O'Neill
    Team Lead Customer Success
  • I like working in Usabilla's high paced environment, it keeps me focussed and it brings out the best in me. Helping out teams and individuals whilst growing the business is simply an awesome combination. And the best thing is I get to do that with a bunch of really nice people too.

    Headshot of Sander
    Sander van Gelderen
    VP of Marketing
  • I like working at Usabilla because it's culture encourages growth in all aspects of life, Usabilla pushes personal development, learning, and creativity, all while offering a fantastic, agile SAAS solution for the enterprise world!

    Headshot of Nindi
    Nindi Kalsi
    Business Development Manager
  • Usabilla is a great place to both work and have fun with people from different nationalities, disciplines, and mindset.

    Headshot of Gal
    Gal Agmon
    UI Designer
  • I like working at Usabilla for it's openness in style of work (a lot of freedom to plan and do as you prefer) and in the communication between colleagues.

    Headshot of Josh
    Josh van Gestel
    Business Controller
  • A great work environment that encourages teamwork and personal growth. Usabilla inspires you to use your imagination and supports the resulting ideas.

    Headshot of Teun
    Teun Zengerink
    Product Owner
  • Not just working in an exciting technology with many, many users; Usabilla provides an unique environment where you can innovate and achieve more everyday!

    Headshot of Renato
    Renato Mefi
    Software Engineer
  • Usabilla is the company/family to be at for many reasons, but main of all I believe is the supportive openness. Starting from your colleagues, great professionals who soon become friends; to the environment which nurtures your own growth and initiatives, finishing with a great care for everybody’s wellbeing reached via countless initiatives (healthy food and snacks, meditation, pool table, games, movie nights, drinks, sport and more).

    Headshot of Lorenzo
    Lorenzo Marchiori
    Software Engineer (Android)
  • Usabilla is a company built on the belief that happy employees are successful ones. We know how to have fun, don't take ourselves too seriously and aim to create a place where people love coming to work. We're dedicated to bringing to market a product that works as advertised and meaningfully improves the human relationship with the digital world. This is why our technology is relied on by over 600 enterprises more than 10 billion times every month to capture the digital voice of their customers.

    Headshot of Nick
    Nicholas Coulson
    Head of Business Development USA
  • 100% of my colleagues are helpful, positive, and ambitious. That’s rare! I feel incredibly lucky to work with such a passionate group of individuals.

    Headschot of Alexandra
    Alexandra Bezozo
    Customer Success Manager
  • After being with Usabilla for almost three years I can say, that now more than ever I feel I am on the right spot every day. Not only professional but also on a personal note. I consider myself lucky to work in such a supportive, international and open-minded organization.

    Headshot of Julia
    Julia Franta
    Business Development Manager
  • Coming to the Usabilla office everyday puts a smile on my face because I know I work with the best.

    Headshot of Johanna
    Johanna Misslinger
    Business Development Representative
  • Every day brings new challenges and opportunities. Usabilla offers the chance to bring in your own ideas and fosters personal growth.

    Headshot of Lucas
    Lucas Garzarolli
    Privacy & Security Consultant
  • The opportunities at Usabilla are unmatched for a company of its size. You can travel the world to build camaraderie with colleagues in satellite offices, speak at events, provide a valuable solution to some of the biggest global brands, and so much more. The limit of what you can do here is endless.

    Headshot of Mac
    Mat Friedman
    Customer Success Manager
  • I’ve never worked for a company that has such awesome people. The vibe’s the same across a global level. Love coming into work everyday.

    Headshot of Blaise
    Blaise Bevilacque
    Business Development Representative
  • Working as a CSM means continuously being challenged by your customers: they have new ideas, wishes, and problems everyday. Which makes everyday at Usabilla an exciting challenge!

    Headshot of Ludwine
    Ludwine Dekker
    Customer Success Manager
  • Usabilla is a growth company and there is unlimited potential for professional and personal growth. I feel fortunate to be part of such a champion mindset team!

    Headshot of Charlotte
    Charlotte Briem
    Team Lead Customer Success
  • I cannot recommend Usabilla enough! I moved to Amsterdam for the job at Usabilla and I love how international the company is. It is a great opportunity working with my colleagues who are from all around the world and they really make the days working here, even more enjoyable. Every day is something different in this organisation, constantly kept busy with new challenges but that it is why I love it here.

    Headshot of Laura
    Laura Finlayson
    Office Representative
  • Usabilla is for me a place where I can totally be myself, walk barefooted if I want to, and get challenged in an honest and direct manner. These are just some of the many reasons, I am able to function at my best at Usabilla.

    Headshot of Tjeerd
    Tjeerd van der Putten
    Business Development Manager
  • Working at Usabilla is fun and challenging at the same time. Wonderful colleagues, room to grow and a great work environment make you want to go to work everyday.

    Headshot of Katharina
    Katharina Warkentin
    Customer Success Manager
  • I can honestly say, I’ve learned something everyday since I got here. Time really flies when you’re having fun, I got to know the real meaning behind that since I started working at Usabilla.

    Headshot of Rakesh
    Rakesh Garib
    Team Lead Customer Support
  • A company that embraces your ideas, develops your skills and provides a product that our customers love.

    Headshot of Niek
    Niek Loots
    Customer Success Manager
  • I like to work at Usabilla because the company puts a lot of trust in its employees. This uplifting climate motivates performance in different aspects: e.g. by taking initiative, speaking up and learning continuously.

    Headshot of Kim
    Kim Rasmussen
    Customer Success Manager
  • Usabilla is the best place I've ever worked! If you love speaking to interesting people and working on a great product, this is the best place to work!

    Headshot of Sachin
    Sachin Shah
    Business Development Manager
  • Usabilla is a nice place to come to in the morning. To see so many happy and determined faces makes my days filled with positivity!

    Headshot of Chadhlia
    Chadhlia Mazouz
    Business Development Representative
  • What I find the most amazing about Usabilla is the fact that we managed to keep up an extremely familiar, open and trusty company culture - that's simply outstanding, in a company growing like Usabilla does.

    Headshot of Fabian
    Fabian Porst
    New Business Lead
  • The culture at Usabilla is second to none! I have never worked with such a cool bunch people and I genuinely look forward to coming to the office every morning.

    Headshot of Manuel
    Manuel Blum
    Business Development Manager
  • Fast-paced company with a great team culture and a lot of room for employee growth! Also, pre-work team surf session, how good is that?!

    Headshot of Robin
    Robin Meijer
    Team Lead Customer Success
  • Working at Usabilla is riding a big long adventurous wave. It goes fast, gives you a thrill and along the ride you learn new techniques and meet other inspiring people. I can't think of a better workplace then Usabilla.

    Headshot of Wouter
    Wouter Koch
    Head of Asia-Pacific
  • At Usabilla I work with passionate, fun and intelligent people to provide a valuable solution with plenty of growth opportunity. Throw in a weekly team surf at Bondi Beach, Friday night "wine downs" and the occasional office dog visitor and it's hard to imagine a better workplace!

    Headshot of Anna
    Anna Christie
    Business Development Manager
  • At Usabilla every employee can make an impact by sharing ideas, knowledge and give advice. There is always a platform to raise your voice and take ownership. Our values Confident, Energetic and Helpful are visible both internally as externally.

    Headshot of Astrid
    Astrid Beekhuis
    Head of HR

Perks & Benefits

  • 16 weeks parental leave
  • Team Drinks
  • Pool & Mario Kart Tournaments
  • Mac / Apple Products
  • Free Healthy Lunch & Health insurance plan
  • Top Notch Locations
  • Global Hackathons
  • Diverse team with over 23 nationalities!
  • Flexible Office Hours


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Hey there! :) We are still hiring and we are very excited to learn more about you and your skills! All our open roles can be found on https://www.surveymonkey.com/careers/. We apologise for any inconvenience this transition might cause you! 

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